1 - Contact us through the form you will find below. You will tell us your vital data, your preferences about which projects or countries where we have presence are of your interest, the dates you have to do so... As a rule, we promote volunteering for a duration of 1 to 3 months; however, we can study requests for more time.

After studying your application, we will have a personal interview (face-to-face or online) to finalize the type of volunteering. Based on this, the duration, dates and destination requested, we will make a very approximate assessment of the economic cost that you will have so that you decide - before moving on - if we initiate the process to carry out your volunteering.

2 - Once you have decided with yourself the volunteering that you will do:

  • we will establish contact with the destination to plan the time, the stay and the activity. All the territories of destination are places and people that we know in person and with which we have full confidence that they will take care of you during your time there.

  • you will take a two-day face-to-face retreat in one of our training and reception spaces. In this course on volunteering, we will give you the individual tools that are necessary to be able to successfully carry out volunteering. These tools are both everyday practices (where to change currency, how to buy a SIM card from a phone, how to carry maps, transport operations ...), attitudinal strategies (treatment that must be given to receiving citizens, entities and projects that develop ...), as of coaching and spiritual methods (affectivity, transcendence, strength, adaptation ...).

  • we will make the reservation of the flight, the immigration visas (if necessary), the vaccination card, the medical insurance, etc.

  • you will also keep a small online training of a few weeks, before leaving.

You will start the trip to do your volunteering:

  • we will track your time there.

  • we will keep contact with you to know that everything is going well.

  • we will attend any problem that may arise.

  • we will have informed, if you ask us, your family.

Any questions you have, let us know by phone or Internet.

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